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Shel Israel

Thanks for both the kind words and the Amazon affilliate link. In fact, we did mention video blogs in Chapter One--Channel 9, is the most popular video blog and it's Scoble's Day Job. We gave two pages to podcasting and additional mention to video blogs in Ch. 13 on emerging technology. But we gave neither of them justice. Since we completed writing Naked Conversations in August, 2005, Podcasts have exploded at an astounding rate. Because many companies are more comfortable with podcasts than they are with employee blogging, I would guess that they are going to continue to explode for quite some time.

It sounds exciting to me to have a startup in the Czech Republic. I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks, Chris, and I like your hat.


Honest confession.... I haven't yet made it to Ch 13. That is tomorrow.

And, yes, I did wear the hat at graduation from Uni. Everyone was just jealous. Of course, wearing that in San Diego, you kind of stand out...just a bit.

Speaking of video blogs... Nice job in Rocketboom. Truly a "Naked Conversation"

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